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Lotro Hunter Campsite Locations
Written by lotro-lore   
Sunday, 27 January 2008

Lotro Hunter Camp Site Locations

This is a guide for hunters to help you find the locations of all the campsites in Lotro.

Return to Camp can be trained at the hunter trainer at level 26. This skill allows a hunter and their fellowship to portal to a camp site location that the hunter has bound to. To bind yourself to a camp site just right click it and choose yes. Camp sites are different from regular camp fires. You will know a campsite by the fire icon in your mini map.

RegionSub Region or InstanceCampsite CoordsRegion Level
Bree-landBarrow Downs, Great Barrows instance 33.9s 55.8w1-20
Lone LandsGarth Agarwen instance 28.0s 25.2w15-30
North DownsRhunenlad, north of Dol Dinen11.1s 38.8w21-35
North DownsFornost instance 5.9s 55.2w21-35
EvendimEchad Garthadir, the center of Annuminas 19.1S 70.9W32-40
TrollshawsCalenthon's Camp, Nan Tornaeth 28.2s 15.3w
Misty MountainsHelegrod, SW of the Bitter Stairs 19.1s 2.9w39-50
AngmarGorothlad Camp, south of Nan Gurth 4.1n 21.7w
AngmarUrugarth instance9.9n 32.5w40-50
AngmarCarn Dum instance 11.4n 33.7w
AngmarThe Rift of Nurz Ghashu instance 10.8n 15.5w 40-50
Last Updated ( Sunday, 27 January 2008 )
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